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A branch specialised in renewable energies

REVICO is a pioneer in biogas production in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, producing and using biogas since 1984. The Revico Énergies Vertes subsidiary was created in 2009. It is a joint venture between REVICO and Dalkia (EDF branch) dedicated to recovering biogas by cogeneration.

This recovery is carried out by means of 2 cogeneration generator sets with a total power of 1.67 MWel.

What is green energy?

Green energy, or renewable energy, is a source of energy whose natural renewal is fast enough to be considered inexhaustible on a human timescale. Biogas produced by the methanisation of vinasses from vineyards can be considered a renewable resource.

What is cogeneration?

The biogas from the methanisation feeds 2 cogeneration engines. Cogeneration is the production from a primary energy source of two secondary energies: heat and electricity. Up to 4,000 kW of primary energy from the biogas produced by REVICO is used on the REVICO Energies Vertes cogeneration platform. Dried and freed of its main contaminants, the biogas is converted into electricity and heat using the platform’s two heat engines.

Electricity production

When it was set up in 2009, the cogeneration capacity installed was 800 kWel.
The installed capacity has gradually doubled (from 800 kWel to 1,670 kWel) as the production of vinasses and therefore the quantity of biogas has increased.

In 2021, REVICO Energies Vertes replaces the last five turbines with a 1 MWel engine.
In 2022, REVICO Energies Vertes produces around 11 GW.h of electricity, equivalent to the consumption of around 2,500 households.

Hot water production

The thermal energy contained in the gases formed during biogas combustion is transferred to a hot water network by means of a gas/water exchanger.
The hot water generated in this way is used on some of REVICO’s equipment and is also used to heat the city of Cognac’s horticultural greenhouses.

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