What is methanisation?

Methanisation (or anaerobic digestion) is both a treatment process and a technology for producing renewable energy: biogas. A specific biomass (population of bacteria) developing in the absence of oxygen naturally degrades the organic compounds present in the vinasses and transforms them into biogas.

At REVICO, after extracting the tartaric acid from the vinasse concentrate, the pre-treated vinasse is sent to one of 4 methanisers. The reactor is kept at 38°C for around 3 weeks. The bacteria consume the organic matter and transform it into biogas, which is a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Natural energy

Energy recovery for a lower carbon impact of the Cognac sector

REVICO produces biogas from vinasse

Recovering biogas obtained from vinasses

Through its branch REVICO ÉNERGIES VERTES, REVICO is a major regional player in biogas recovery. The biogas from the methanisation process is used to power two cogeneration engines. Cogeneration means that the primary energy contained in the biogas gives rise to 2 secondary energies: electricity and heat (in the form of hot water at 90°C). Annual electricity production from the biogas generated by the vinasses is currently 11 million kWh. This corresponds to the electricity needs of 2,500 French households for 1 year (source: Commission de Régulation de l’Énergie 2016). The electricity is fed into the Enedis network. The heat produced at the REVICO site covers a large part of the site’s thermal requirements and is also used to heat the city of Cognac’s municipal greenhouses.
REVICO integrates into its Charente environment

A reference in Charente to promote all form of energies

REVICO, which has been based in Saint-Laurent de Cognac since 1969, is strongly rooted in its territory. The company regularly organises open days and educational visits for the general public, to promote all forms of energy.
The company is fully involved in the Cognac sector and contributes to the environmental and energy progress initiatives proposed by institutions.
REVICO is a player in the circular economy.

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